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Aaron Paul poses with his latest and very last Breaking Bad emmy at the AMC/IFC Emmy After Party on Monday August 24, 2014
Aaron Paul poses with his latest and very last Breaking Bad emmy at the AMC/IFC Emmy After Party on Monday August 24, 2014

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Fall is coming! Yisssss.

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ilfndubtch Asked:
Questionhey Joe! i was wonderin what are your favourite types of guitars. im getting a new one. Thanks


Right now I’m using an American Vintage ‘62 Jazzmaster with Curtis Novak humbuckers and I’m digging it a lot.  Before that, I was using a Guild S-100 which was really great too.  Go for sound and playability- good luck!  [JOE]

QuestionDo you write your music down for yourselves, and if so how much/detailed? (Note for note, or just a general scheme?). BTW I'm not asking for you to make them available. I mean, you couldn't have said it better when one of you (I think it was Ken) said that "Tabs are for housewives and little girls" ^^ Anwser


i never see Joe with a pencil and paper at rehearsal. He does all his work in his head. once in a while i will write a few notes down on a scrap piece of paper. we never write full charts. i will mix music notation and algebra in a way that helps me understand what i need to do. it probably wouldn’t make much sense to anybody else who might look at it.

it’s not that we couldn’t write the charts. it’s just that we don’t need to.

i am a firm believer in the idea that if someone wants to learn a song badly enough, they can use their ears to listen to the piece and their brain to figure it out to the best of their ability. i think it’s better to develop a good listening/analytical ability than to develop the bad habit of constantly lean on a crutch (tablature/sheet music).

maybe some day when we aren’t so busy we can get some tabs/sheet music together and make them available. but that may not be for a long time. in the meantime, just keep listening.


daweah Asked:
QuestionJoe, obviously you're quite the guitar player so I was wondering if you regularly listen to/have been influenced by Vai, Petrucci, Satriani, etc. I myself marvel at their technical abilities but find the music they make not that interesting and kind of emotionless. Anwser


Honestly, I’ve never really sat down and listened to any of those guys.  I mean, I think Satriani had a song in a commercial back in the day… I just looked it up and this is what it was: HAHA! Check out that technology!  Anyhow, those guys are definitely masters of the guitar: they know every note on the fretboard and know what to do with them.  But personally, I agree that their music lacks soul.  We’ll, maybe not completely, but when you don’t know HOW and WHY things work musically, then you only rely on your OWN intuition and feelings.  Since I don’t know how to read/write music or really any scales or anything like that, I’ve just gone with what I think sounds good and not really thought much beyond that.  Obviously, there are drawbacks/limitations to this approach, but I think musicians will find out what works best for them.  Take a look at Ken, he’s a good example at being balanced with both: He’s studied music all his life and is a real pro when it comes to reading/writing music and theory.  But he ALSO has a good head and can choose when to use certain things out of his tool kit.  He’s not afraid to abandon “rules” about music and experiment.  And I guess that’s the important thing: not being afraid to experiment.  Just play what feels right and if you have music in your head that you need to study music to create in the real world, then go study music.  And who knows: maybe Vai and all those other guys are really creating/feeling it from their insides?  Maybe it feels like super-soul to them.  I hope so.  But it goes to show, that when you make music- some people will like it and some people won’t.  That makes it even more of a reason to just create it for yourself.  [JOE]